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June 10th 2016

After a long time in 'transit' my copy of God Eater OST arrived on Wednesday. I mean it was shipped April 24th and I recieved items shipped in May before finally getting this CD on the 6th of June. That's Canada's failingpostal system for you.

Just added 6 new items to the Music page. Check them out if it pleases you.

Mar 4th 2016

Hello World. I'm alive. Reiga is struggling with the highs and mostly lows of Windohs 10. And I hate Dreamweaver CC. Let's see... God Eater's remaining episodes start airing on the 5th. That's exciting. I've pre-ordered the OST and the OST for Dimension W which is also by Shiina Gou. Right now I'm looking through files and trying to sort out my anime image/site stuff. It's /so/ exciting.

Damn I don't know how to spell check in this Dreamweaver so bare with me. God Eater's OST will include the full version of the series' ending theme 'Kouhai Chi' by Shiina Gou feat. naomi. The insert songs by Ghost Oracle Drive are coming out on a separate Album. So I won't be getting that as it's the same release date. April 27th I believe.

Dec 3rd 2015

And here we are, December. Into the busiest time of year in Retail: Christmas. My arm's better now. It's not up to par as it was before but it is what it is. It aches more then I'd like but what can you do? Also my computer went boom! And I installed a new 3TB harddrive threw Windohs 10 on there and here we are. Dreramweaver CC seems to hate me. I miss CS5.5 to be honest this crap wants to freeze up on save. Which is horrid.

I was looking at RightStuf's "Holiday Sale" and thought maybe I'd do a write up on some hot buys. So let's see now that goes with this dreamweaver and my new FTP program that I don't know how to use.

Aug 10th 2015

Okay so very non-active. Also over 3 weeks ago I fell at work and broke my Radius bone on the left arm. I'm Right handed but I DO use both hands on this lovely keyboard.... ok my left on the keyboard and right on the mouse as any PC gamer would know. Totally sucks. Also when my arm get "tired" I also have to go to bed. /Rant

Okay this season I'm watching: Gangsta. (ordered the OP & ED Singles), Akagami no Shirayuki (music by Ooshima Michiru - Nabari no Ou), God Eater (check that art style out! Also OLDCODEX OP), Aohara x Kikanjuu, Junjo Rom 3, behind on DRRRx2 Ten & continuing Arslan (got the OST pre-ordered).

The subject matter in Gangsta. makes it for a more mature audience so it can hit tougher subjects as it goes. The main character may be an 'enhanced' human being, but he's also deaf. He occasionally speaks, but he signs mainly.

Oh hey I has a tumblr here. It's way easily to post pic spam right now then type. Well sorta.

Right now I'm going to see if I can set up my tripod, mount my camera and see if I can take pictures again. Something I miss a lot.

Apr 7th 2015

Added Tokyo Ghoul OST. Yeah I know I said I'd get my PSYCHO-PASS OST up next but I clearly lied. Mildly to Insnaely Addicted to tracks: 1.22, 1.23, 1.24, 1.25 & 1.26. Mostly likely due to the fact that they fall in order for playage. I mean 1.01 - TG Symphonie is also a good track. Most of the tracks on Disc 1 are good to great to awesome. Disc 2 which are the Root A tracks aren't as good in my opinion. Some are a bit odd and possibly even 'bad'.

Highly recommend:

  • 1.22 - Mit
  • 1.23 - Ku[:]ken
  • 1.24 - Auferstehung
  • 1.25 - Licht und Schatten
  • 1.26 - Das zweite Kapitel
  • 1.01 - TG Symphonie
Also includes 5 insert songs: GLASSY SKY, Wanderers, Alone, Colour My World & ON MY OWN. Yes we are treated to German titled tracks on the first disc, but not the 2nd. Find it here.

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