clan - affiliates


Flak's site; whom hosts this site.


chiaki's facebook page with all his awesome cosplay photos.
dark colonlist's site - personal blog
ryumii's anime png & icon archive site
fire dragon's Fairy Tail fansite.
kimiko's anime / graphics site.

affiliates m.i.a.

bluemana's site.
heather's site.

link exchange


wanna be an affiliate or link exchange?


1. Your site can be able whatever you want at this point. Life, fandoms, etc. Just no porn, naturally.

2. No Music in the background sites.
  3. Your site should be at least 10 pages of content, and only a few dead links. (MU death exceptions allowed)
  4. You have to place one of my buttons on your site.
  5. All affiliates must have firefox compatible websites. Get with the times! Get FireFox now.
  6. ***Pick out a button under: Link to Me Link it to:
  *** Yaoi-ish is okay ***

*Note: Please make sure it's correctly entered!

*Note: Please make sure it's correctly entered!
* Please check all that apply.